Saturday, August 20, 2011

Marvel Super Hero Island: A Love Letter to the 90's.

Anyone who has been to Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure has been to the Marvel Super Hero Island part of the park.  As a nerd, it's my favorite part of the park.  So it comes to my surprise that I didn't realize before.....this is a massive tribute to Marvel comics of the 90's.

Why do I say this?  It's evident when walking into the section from the front of the park.  We see the 90's Fantastic Four costume.  There is also the bright colors that surround the section.  While recent comics still have bright colors, it's to an almost comical extreme.  The X-Men featured have their 90's Jim Lee inspired costumes on.

In the Adventures of Spider-Man ride, it features villains that were popular in the 90's.  I don't need to mention anyone beyond Scream, but there is also Hydro-Man (someone who has been all but absent of late in the comics), and the original Hobgoblin.  Electro and Doc Ock are still popular, but they site the 90's angle well.

The Hulk ride has some terrible 90's looking animation during the pre show line.  That doesn't detract from the awesomeness of the ride.

Thankfully the comic shop isn't stuck in the 90's.  It had some great stuff, including a great Avengers shirt (which I bought).

Here is a borderline terrible picture I took, but it's the only one that I took in the area.

Property of Kevin Finnigan

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Miles Morales is Ultimate Spider-Man

Marvel, via IGN
Marvel recently announced that the new Ultimate Spider-Man would be a new character, named Miles Morales.  As any person who has been around comics longer than a day knows, many people weren't to happy with this decision.  These people were the minority, but they were the most vocal part of the community.  A lot of racism came out of the woodwork, but there also came something else.  Some logical arguments about race in comic books.

Reviews for Flashpoint #4, The Punisher #1, and more!

Another week, another round of full reviews.  Was an ok week.  We see the end of Marvel's Big Shot books and the almost end of the DCU as we know it.  Let's get started shall we?