Friday, September 3, 2010

The Coming Year and Other Things

Well, the semester is coming up, so that means the weekly column of Mr. Comic Book will be starting up again at The Suffolk Voice.

In other news, we have multiple Batmans now. It's Grant Morrison, so I'll give anything he does a chance. It seems a little to similar to what is going in the Captain America corner of Marvel, but again, it's Grant Morrison. The guy has probably had this plan before he started writing the solo book "Batman," so it's just a coincidence most likely. It's a radical new take on the character, but Grant seems to be at his best when he is taking radical new takes on established characters/teams. Sadly, it sounds like once his plan is done for "Batman Inc.," that Morrison is done with the Batman franchise. This is more me just speculating and reading in between the lines of interviews, so this is nothing to quote me on.

One surprise that came this summer that I thought was going to piss me off was the "O.M.I.T." storyline in "The Amazing Spider-Man." While I don't like the way the marriage of Pete and MJ was brought about, it needed to be done. I'm happy though that continuity wasn't toyed with that much.

One of the sadder things to happen in recent weeks is the slight decline in "Brightest Day." In earlier posts, and one of the last column posts of the last school year, it looked like this book would be the spine of the DC Universe. Lately, it doesn't seem that way. With the most recent issue, I'm not sure what really happened. I'm liking the way Deadman is being developed, but the characters aren't being developed enough on a consistent basis. That was one of the charms of "52," if one character didn't get face time, well there is always another one being released next week. Hopefully as all the resurrected start to realize what they are here for, the stories will get better