Thursday, July 15, 2010

Second Coming

Well, the latest X-Men crossover has finally come to a close. Well I wouldn't call it a 100% success, it did get its point and put a close to the whole M-Day fiasco that House of M started all those years ago. Was it overly long? I would have to agree, both in story line and money.

A 14 issue crossover is unprecedented. While the first five issues were amazing, the next four didn't seen to deliver, with most plot points coming to a complete halt to set up for the third act. 10-13 had some awesome action, but still kept grinding the wheels while waiting for issues 13 and 14. Issue 14 did kind of close the event, but I felt Siege #4 did more in terms of closing instead of this. Nothing seems to be answered, as Hope doesn't remember using her powers and Emma sees Jean Grey in the fire. The biggest surprise is the reveal of Uncanny X-Force which will start in October. I'm nervous about Deadpool being in another book, but under someone like Rick Remender, I'll give it a chance.

I personally find it hard to believe that your telling consumers that you NEED to read 14 issues to understand a story line. My wallet has personally hated me sense April sense I was required to buy three extra series these months that I normally wouldn't have read. What's worse, this crossover isn't going to make me want to read them. I was really just looking forward to this event ending so I could save some money.

What's also surprising about this event ending is....well another event has already started! Curse of the Mutants started on 7/8 and seems to be running through at least two X-books (X-Men and Namor: The First Mutant). Wasn't Marvel suppose to be cutting back on events?